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The Alchemy of Health : Herbal Medicine and Herbal Aromatherapy

The Alchemy of Health : Herbal Medicine and Herbal Aromatherapy

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The role of alchemy and healing may be understood by examining the interplay between what is occurring within and around an individual and his/her current manifest health conditions. Your participation in your own healing is vital. To facilitate the participation, the author discusses spiritual issues such as the importance of maintaining a personal connection to the Divine, nutritional and psychological considerations, the role of prayer and intention, the meaning of sacred geometry, and the use of medicinal herbs and aromatherapies. Ultimately your own choices determine your level of health and healing. Realize that perfect health is possible. Build and maintain your body as a pillar of light. Express the light that you are - express the love that you are. Steadily uplift yourself and everything around you. Manifest the highest form of alchemy, unconditional love.



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