Tuning Forks - Chakra Balancing Set
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Tuning Forks - Chakra Balancing Set

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Boxed Set of Sonic Ohm Tuning Forks includes the High Ohm Octave Set (272.2 + 544.4 hz); Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork (1088.8 hz), (the highest frequency in the Ohm Therapeutics™ system,) latex-free Activator, and Sound Healing CD. Instructions include photos and application techniques for attuning and balancing the body’s vital energy centers or Chakras. Learn about Sound Layering techniques, and use to re-set the energy of a treatment room or home environment. Highly recommended for Shamanic work, and to signal the beginning and/or the end of a meditation, ceremony or healing session. The Sonic Ohm is an excellent sound tool to help balance the energetic fields or Chakras of the body, and for space clearing and work with Crystals.


SOUND LAYERING: Energy healing practitioners will find that octaves work well in creating movement to release blockages. Begin with the High Ohm Octave, to loosen and bring to the surface that which needs to be released. Follow with the Sonic Ohm Octave (approximately 6”-12” higher) to further release and disperse any unwanted resonance released by the physical and subtle body. Additional instructions included with Chakra Balancing Set.

SPACE CLEARING: Energetically, a room, like a body, has a center and is responsive to movement. Feng Shui is an understanding of the natural world and the presence of Qi—the animating force flowing through all living things. The purpose of Feng Shui is to create balance and harmony. Sound is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to achieve this state.

CRYSTAL CLEARING: Crystals are subject to many of the same environmental influences and stresses that people experience. A crystal may also benefit from a clearing and rebalancing of its physical body and the energetic field surrounding it.

Because crystals grow beneath the Earths’ surface, where they remain until they are discovered, the Ohm vibration is a natural choice for resetting the intrinsic earth energy of a crystal.