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Two-sided chart demonstrates 14 useful applications for self-treatment and for treating others using tuning forks. Each stylized photograph shows where to place tuning fork(s) on the body and explains why each placement is beneficial. Experience each recommended tuning fork placement to receive a comprehensive energetic treatment for the whole body.

Other helpful illustrations show how to correctly hold and how to activate a tuning fork, plus other helpful tips.  A quick reference, laminated “how to” guide for using tuning forks at home or in your professional practice.

Chart demonstrates use of the following tuning forks: Mid Ohm (136.1 hz), Low Ohm (68.05 hz). Two-sided laminated chart measures 11” x 17”

The purpose of the Practitioner Activator is to provide an optimal sustain when activating your tuning forks, with minimal noise intrusion from the strike. In Sound Healing the strike of the tuning fork should be as unobtrusive as possible. The rubber material was chosen carefully for its level of firmness (durometer), to provide an ideal surface when activating your tuning forks, both weighted and un-weighted.

If the material is too hard, the strike will produce an unpleasant noise and undue wear on the tuning fork, and your hand/wrist. Too soft, and the activation is weak and the sustain of the vibration compromised.

In addition, the Ohm Therapeutics Activator is made from a latex-free, virgin material that is virtually odorless, in consideration of the healing environment in which these tools are used.

Note: Rubber products are often made from recycled material from the automotive industry (e.g., discarded tires). Lead is an additive sometimes used to soften the material, which is why you may see the California proposition 65 warning. Strings of lights and garden hoses, for example, often caution to wash hands after handling. You can be 100% certain that the Ohm Therapeutics Activator and Practitioner Activator use only virgin material that is free of lead and other impurities.