Tuning Fork - High OHM Octave Set - 272.2 & 544.4 hz
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Tuning Fork - High OHM Octave Set - 272.2 & 544.4 hz

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This High Ohm octave tuning fork set is ideal for working in the energetic field around the body, the chakras and for clearing and re-setting the energy of a room. The sound wave created by the High Ohm octave tuning fork is soothing and therapeutic; use to move disharmony & tension from the body, and to restore balance to the subtle body, thereby benefiting the physical body. Package includes two High Ohm Tuning Forks (272.2 hz + 544.4 hz) as well as an 8 panel instructional booklet with photos and application techniques for the energetic body, and information on the Feng-Shui of Sound™. Made in the USA.



Use High Ohm Octave much like you would a chime, bell or tingsha, to signal the beginning of a meditation, yoga practice, or healing treatment. Use at the end of a session to energetically clear unwanted resonance released during treatment, shamanic ritual, or to move stagnant energy. With the High Ohm Set, you can actually move and direct the energy with the tuning forks via the rolling and/or sweeping techniques.

Practitioners who work in the subtle or energetic body will find the High Ohm Octave is a potent musical interval, and the ultimate harmonizer. Octaves produce movement, which help to release blockages. The clarifying sound of the High Ohm octave also helps facilitate the transition from a deeply relaxed to a more wakeful state—very useful for those who meditate or lead meditations.

Practitioners who work on the physical body (Mid/Low/Osteo Ohm) can add the High Ohm Octave during or at the end of a treatment to release tension and the energetic armoring that occurs when the body is affected by trauma or stress.