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Hand Tuned Chimes of Java

Hand Tuned Chimes of Java

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This exotic-sounding windchime is tuned to the scale of the gamelan degung.

This deep sounding wind chime takes you to the volcanic South Pacific, where magical music is heard every day on the Indonesian island of Java. Tuned to the musical scale of the gamelan degung (suggested to us by the pioneer American composer/instrument builder, Lou Harrison), the Javanese orchestra's intrinsically beautiful music combines simple elements to produce intricate textures. This lush, shimmering sound captivated and inspired musicians from the West such as Claude Debussy and Erik Satie. In fact, Satie first heard a Javanese gamelan orchestra play at the Paris Exposition of 1889 and incorporated its hypnotic effects in his exotic work, Gnossienne. The Chimes of Java will inspire and hypnotize you as you listen to its mysterious melodies.

This chime carries a lifetime tuning guarantee.

Dimensions: 50 in. Overall Length
Materials: Cherry finish ash wood, 6 silver aluminum tubes.




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