Mia Irizarry

Certified Psychic Medium

Mia is a Certified Psychic Medium & Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Tarot/Oracle Card Reader, Manifestation Coach, & Energy Healer.
As a spiritual mentor and guide, Mia seeks to help those on a path of self-discovery to connect to their intuition, awaken their inner magic, & manifest their dream life. She is passionate about the privilege and opportunity to hold a safe space for people to be themselves and create a beautiful life they desire.
A skilled and calming counselor, Mia loves to teach and hold a compassionate and empowering space for clients to receive emotional healing and alchemize any situation in their lives into one of deeper understanding and hope. She is an excellent motivator and the perfect partner to reflect and amplify the dreams, ideas, and goals of the people around her.
Mia’s intention for sessions is to provide her clients with uplifting guidance and direction as well as new clarity and encouragement on the next best steps to take in their life to create more joy and fulfillment in any area. Especially, to help create a bridge between a person and their personal unknowns.
What started as Mia’s personal spiritual practice for self-healing became a channel of wisdom that needed to be shared with others. Mia wants everyone to know that healing (body, mind, and spirit) is possible, no matter your past or where you came from. That we all already have everything within us to create a life beyond our wildest imagination, all while being true to the most authentic version of ourselves.
This journey from dark to light is magical and transformative. It’s a complete unraveling of who you think you are to remembering who you came here to be. An unlearning of the layers and identities put on us by society, family, media, culture, childhood etc. It’s a return to who we were when we had just arrived… It’s a remembering of the true light of our soul. We all have such a unique role to play in the world and innate gifts to be revealed  should we have the courage to seek it.
We need your light too. I want to help you find it.
Available Services:

Tarot Transformation (1hr) 

Tarot Clarity (30 min)  

Alignment session:

Card reading + Reiki energy work (2 hrs) 

Soul gifts intuitive guidance session (30min - 1hr

Psychic body scan reading +  Reiki energy work (2 hrs)

Reiki Only (1 hr)

Contact Information:
Phone Number: 321-794-9456
Email: Lightofone.mia@gmail.com