Laura Schwalm

Master Psychic Healer

Laura was named Laura the Voice of Truth by her clients, for her accuracy and authenticity. Laura is a psychic medium and certified Holistic Health coach, master healer, Conscious wellness Coach, and Metaphysical speaker and educator in the art and alchemy of healing.  Laura specializes in soul readings and removing emotional imprints that cause energy blockages. She helps clients achieve optimum balance in all areas of their lives by bringing the body, mind, and spirit back into alignment.

Laura Schwalm is certified by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners and a 2010 graduate of Om Wellness in New York. As a Spiritual Adviser in St. Augustine, FL, Laura performs many different types of readings such as intuitive readings, Tarot readings, clairvoyant readings, crystal readings, Psi Readings, and energy readings. But Laura’s specialty is doing Soul Readings and Emotional Imprint Clearings. Soul readings help clients become aware of their self-sabotaging and limiting thoughts and behaviors that are not in alignment with their highest good. 

She is a world-famous psychic as well as a radio talk show host Educator and Speaker who motivates people in Holistic Health, Metaphysical Studies, and Spiritual Awareness. Laura Schwalm’s soul purpose is to awaken and help heal as many individuals to their true potential as possible.


Available Services:

Psychic Soul Readings (90min)

Psychic Soul Reading (1hr without table healing or healing files)

Psychic Reading (45min)

Crystal Reading (30min - 1hr)

Mediumship Reading (30 - 45min)

Psychic Soul Oracle Card Reading (45min - 1hr)


Contact Information

Phone Number: 917-359-0588