Dolores Morford


Master Astrologer

Dolores is a nationally known astrologer, counselor/consultant and seminar presenter. She has traveled widely throughout the USA to consult businesses, community leaders, and individuals. Dolores is an interesting mix of modern scientist, teacher, counselor, and communicator of Wisdom from the ancient science of Astrology and Tarot traditions.

Dolores has been an astrologer most of her adult life with plus 30 years of experience. She offers kabbalistic tarot reading sessions based on the Kabbalistic teachings of spiritual growth with human conscience. She has started her neurocognitive therapy in working at brain injury treatment programs at Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital. She later opened her own private brain injury clinic where she began her metaphysical counseling and therapies.

An astrological session offers an opportunity for the client to understand the energies affecting the oneself and personal situations. Dolores begins a session by pointing out key Birth Chart influences, personality-wise along with event outcomes. Emphasis is always on understanding the underlying nature of situations and current influencing factors, such as timing, in order for the client to make optimal decisions. An accurate printed birth chart will be needed for your session, which can be provided for you. The client’s use of a recording device is suggested.

Finding practical solutions as well as gaining pivotal personal insight and understanding is the central purpose of Dolores’s teachings and outcomes. 


Available Services:
Astrological Birth Chart Analyze (2hr)
Kabbalistic Tarot Reading (30min-1hr)
Contact Information
Phone Number: 904-891-5377